About store

For 20 years, Namejs jewelry store delights its customers by a magnificent range of jewelry! The store offers to purchase a wide range of jewelry from gold and silver, which are manufactured at Riga Jewelry Factory, and not merely there!
Namejs cooperates with widely known brands in Europe, as: Dialma Gioielli, Sangla Juveelisalong, Premiere Jewelry house, Topaz, Adamas, Juveel, Giorgio Martello, Naiomy, Bersani, Aragon Carmona, and La Leader Argenti! At Namejs jewelry store you will be able to purchase magnificent jewelry from gold and silver. There is an offer of wide range of crosses (Lutheran, Catholic, Orthodox, and Old-Believer), pendants, bracelets, wedding-rings, chains, earrings, rings, cuff links, seal-rings and brooches!