Customer loyalty program

Namejs klienta karteBeing an owner of the loyal customer card, you can use privileges, which are drawn up exactly for you! It is easy to receive a customer card. All you need to do is make a purchase in the "Namejs" store.

The card ensures the following advantages:

- Each purchase ensures savings on the Golden Account of a Customer. Savings on the Golden Account ensure:

Discounts for the Customer:
5% - effective as of reception;
6% - purchase amount: EUR 700;
7% - purchase amount: EUR 1400;
8% - purchase amount: EUR 2100;
9% - purchase amount: EUR 2800;
10% - purchase amount: EUR 3500.
- The opportunity to receive a discount in the amount of 12% twice per year, on the dates, which are important for the Customer.
- The usage of special offers, which are drawn up only for Loyal Customers.

Come and enjoy the privileges!