About us

Riga Jewelry Factory was established in 1963, uniting the "Riga jeweler" and "Riga engraver" work associations, as well as "Gaisma" Metal Haberdashery Plant. These enterprises were engaged in the manufacturing of jewelry, golden, silver and cupronickel eating utensils, manufacturing of souvenirs from other metals and manufacturing of clocks.

In 1990, the factory became the State enterprise of the Republic of Latvia.

Current Joint-Stock Company "Riga Jewelry Factory" was established in 1997, as a result of privatization of the State Riga Jewelry Factory, transforming the state enterprise into the joint-stock company and simultaneously selling the shares of this company.
The main areas of activity of the Joint-Stock Company "Riga Jewelry Factory" are the following:
- manufacturing of jewelry;
- trade and trade mediation activities with jewelry;
- buying up precious metals;
- jewelry repair works.

The Joint-Stock Company "Riga Jewelry Factory" invites to visit our enterprise. We hope for fruitful and beneficial cooperation.

We will be really happy, if our products will conform to your taste.

Our address: Riga, Terezes str. 1, LV-1012
Tel.  +371 67272790 
Fax: +371 67273648
E-mail: info@rigagold.lv