Wholesale trade

Do you want to attract new prospective customers and develop the business?
Joint-Stock Company "Riga Jewelry Factory" is a time-proven brand with rich traditions of jewelry manufacturing. Our enterprise has a wide assortment of products, which is constantly renewed and supplemented in compliance with the requirements of jewelry fashion and the wishes of our customers. Our enterprise extensively uses loyalty programs of cooperation partners, offering various bonuses, discounts and other activities, in order to motivate its cooperation partners.

We are always open for cooperation, and we are delighted to hear any of your questions and offers. We are sure that in our person you will find a solid supplier and business partner.

You can take interest in all the questions related to cooperation with the Joint-Stock Company "Riga Jewelry Factory", by calling us on the phone 6727279067272790 or 6780378867803788, or by writing to our e-mail info@rigagold.lv Welcome to our enterprise!